The Value of Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation is necessary in cases in which a worker is injured on the site of a job. In some instances, workers’ compensation is given because the task-at-hand was risky (like working from tall heights) or because another worker was negligent and caused an injury like an inattentive machine operator made a mistake.

Because our economic system in America is geared toward profit above other concerns, it only makes sense that sometimes employers are hesitant to provide workers’ compensation toward injured workers. Paying workers for lost wages, covering their medical expenses, and perhaps even compensating them for their pain and suffering, can quickly add up.

However, workers deserve to be paid for the things they have lost due to an accident that was not their fault. Whether a worker is injured by a faulty machine or by a dangerous work environment is no concern to their rehabilitation process. And while making money is an admirable goal, it is more important to take care of your own employees over maximizing profit.

Recovery Efforts

One of the greatest aspects of workers’ compensation (adequate compensation, that is) is that workers’ compensation allows workers to purely focus on recovering from their injuries. In earlier periods in which workers’ compensation was not available, even middle-class workers could be pushed into destitute poverty by a simple accident. If you are too injured to work at the job that caused the accident, you are not paid for your injury, and you are not given any sort of benefits like paid time off, then the accident may cause you to turn to your savings to survive and/or pay bills.

This is simply unfair. If you are injured, you deserve to rest and recover, not focus on making ends’ meet. However, that is what happens if you do not receive adequate compensation. As an aside, if your workers’ compensation is being delayed or reduced by your employer, feel free to contact an experienced law firm like ChasenBoscolo. They have lawyers that can fight on your behalf for the compensation you are owed from an accident or injury at work.

Peace of Mind

Not only will your body heal better knowing that recovery is the only priority, but your mental health will also thank you. Anxiety and nervousness are imminent when you are stuck wondering about how bills will be paid or how to deal with unexpected monthly expenses like your child getting sick.

Workers’ compensation can give you peace of mind as you are able to pay for immediate medical needs and, in excellent compensation deals, for lost wages or other financial losses potentially faced by the accident.

No matter the cause or circumstance behind your injury, you deserve financial freedom as well as physical recuperation from your injuries. Be sure to advocate for yourself and ensure that you are receiving adequate compensation for your pain and suffering. If you are unsure, or if your employer is attempting to reduce or delay workers’ compensation, reach out to experts like ChasenBoscolo who will fight on your behalf.

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